Athlete of the Month – Kristin!

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Row 500m
50 KB swings 53/36#
50 Pushups
50 KB swings 53/36#
Run 400m

We’re going to start highlighting a male and female athlete from the gym each month. You’ll get to know a little more about each other, and we can recognize some of the great work being done in the gym. First up is Kristin! She came to us in the fall and puts gusto into each workout. Just this week Kristin worked through a heavy Christine. She used a bodyweight deadlift which was close to her max, but she finished strong! It was so inspiring to watch. Keep up the great work, Kristin!

How were you introduced to Crossfit? My chiropracter in Virginia told me about the Crossfit he goes to. So before I moved out here, I did a little research and found Crossfit Portland. I stopped by for a visit the day after I got to town.

Favorite WOD/lift: I like to do 1RM lifts to beat my old max weights and I can see improvements.

I have always wanted to Compete in a triathlon, learn to crochet, live in another country, make a souffle, climb a mountain…the list could on and on…

1 word people use to describe me: determined

Outside of the gym I like to Drink wine and watch/critique reality shows with my friends

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me: went scuba diving in Lake Superior while it was snowing, brrr

Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit: running

Favorite place to eat in Portland: haven’t eaten out much since I’ve moved here, but I really like Burgerville smoothies…sorry not Paleo =) …oh and Toro Bravo has great Tapas!

Song that gets me pumped up for a workout: 80’s/90’s hairband classics

Proudest accomplishment: finished 2 marathons

Look for our second athlete of the month profile coming soon!

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