A Challenge of Strength

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WOD 6//1/2010

Make up yesterday’s squat work if you missed it.

Strength challenge:  Frog stand for max time.  Who has the longest of the day?

30 Box Jumps 20/18″
Run 400m
30 KB Swings 53/36lb
30 Double Unders
30 Knees to Elbows
30 Push Press 85/53lb
30 Hang Power Cleans 85/53lb
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps 20/18″

Flexibility/Mobility Focus

Extended Death Stretch
50 Blade walks
50 Instep Walks
50 Heel walks
90/90 hip stetch

There will be a small strength challenge every day this week.  Today it was the elbow lever.  We had several folks get one, Ken coming rocking it at 15 sec.  I’ll be writing the strength challenges on the right side of the white board for folks to see.

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  1. Thanks for noticing. That’s what happens when a color blind guy dresses himself.

  2. Nice job Ken, that’s awesome! I just cut the grass and was day dreaming about the of Cadillac of push mowers… it was almost like owning one!

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