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Madoc and I witnessed some epic stuff Wednesday evening with the Prowler pushes. It didn’t sound like many people realized how hard 20 seconds x 8 (that’s just 2:20 of total work) could be. What does the day after feel like?

Warm Up
1) Run, Row, Ride 5 min
2) Squat Sequence

2 rounds:
5/5 Cossack Squats
5/5 Cossack Squats (wide, straddle style)
10 Prone Pass-Thurs

Teams of 4.
Buy-in: Each member does 30 KB Swings 1.5p/1p, one after another.

Once all four have finished the KBS, each person takes a station and all begin to work, performing 3 rounds. Rotate stations together when all are finished with reps:
15 Ball Slams 25/15lb
15 DB Push Presses  40/30lb
15 Knees to Elbows
15 Cals on Rower

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  1. Feelin’ a little extra tired today, but not ridiculously sore…..which makes me SCARED for tomorrow, when it really kicks in.

  2. Yeah. I’m actually surprised that my legs aren’t more sore. My upper body is feeling it more than my lower. I did drink a bottle of coconut water and ate a ton of protein for dinner however, so maybe that helped.

  3. My legs are surprisingly fine but I’m pretty sure I will have some very short shifts tonight during my hockey game!!!!!!

  4. I am beat! That was a killer WOD, top 5 easy, maybe even top 2. Awesome job 6:30 class.

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