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The Sport WOD has started! A couple of athletes at the gym are following Scott’s Sport WOD program. The Sport WOD is designed for explosive sports requiring a combination of power and endurance. It is different programming than the daily class WOD and will achieve different results.

Michael F., Ultimate Frisbee, doing his Sport WOD weekly assignment.

Warm Up
1) Run Sequence + DROM
2) Squat Sequence

90/90 Hip Stretch
5/5 Shinbox Switch
10+10″ Active Hamstring Stretch

8 sets: Prowler Push intervals: 10 sec down low handles; 10 sec back high handles as fast as possible…100%!
Rest while everyone else goes, around 2:40′
8 min intermission when done, rest actively – mobility work.
Tabata Situps
Bottom-to-Bottom Tabata Squats

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  1. In the words of Ted: “I never thought I’d say that Tabata Sit-Ups were the easy part of the workout.”

    Good job 6:30am!

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