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Next Paleo Challenge starts May 28th, Saturday. Deadline to sign up is May 21st.

Sunday Open Gyms will have a suggested WOD from now on. For instance this Sunday, it will be a full on O-lifting session. Can we get shirts off and creative celebratory dances like these guys? Maybe not but lifting like them would be a good start.

I think there is also a misunderstanding about my message in the newsletter regarding Sunday Open Gym. Some people took it as a message to NOT socialize on Sunday. Far from it, gab it up all you want. I wouldn’t mind if the whole gym showed up and wanted to have social hour on Sunday 🙂 My intention was if you are coming to train, then best come with a plan and stick to it.

Warm Up
1) jog 400m
2) Shoulder Sequence


Prone Scorpion focus – 3 x 5/5


A1. Pullup Progression work
alternate with
A2. NEW Dip/Push Progression!


A1. Wtd Chin-Ups: 4 x 3-5 @ 21X1, rest 90 sec
A2. Ring Dips: 4 x AMRAP @ 21X1, rest 90 sec
4 Rounds, not timed:
20′ Crocodile Pushups
1 Rope Climb, (no ft. advanced) 20’/15′
“The Wheel” x 2. You want a med ball weight that you can move fast!

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  1. Funny that I just had a discussion on FB about lifting without a shirt on. Turns out our theory was correct. One can lift more naked.

    Side note, the boy in the blue shirt was setting up for his lift like a deadlift. Different from the shirtless maniac dancer who set up with his shoulders up and butt down. The whole pull was shoulders up butt down, making the shirtless dancer a successful lifter. Notice the man in the blue shirt received the weight forward because he was not moving straight up and down, therefore making it difficult to complete the snatch.

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