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People have been asking me what the running techniques class is about, and who would benefit from it. My answer is that the class is about viewing running as a skill/technique that can be improved through practice, and that everyone can benefit from this class.

I heard the well-worn phrase “Practice makes Perfect” a long, long time ago. A great many people, including myself, have gone down that road with running. The common thought is that you will improve your running skill by running. Put one foot in front of the other, and wear through a few pairs of sneakers, and voila, you are a skilled runner. Which is and isn’t true. The even better and more self-help like version of the “Practice makes Perfect” adage is “Perfect Practice makes Perfect”. This is what the technique class is about. Getting out and running is great, but if you are running with poorly developed form, you are only reinforcing that bad form by repeating it, and most likely you aren’t enjoying the act of running.

The majority of the basic techniques class is about, you guessed it, basic technique. It isn’t about running a mile or a 5K or a Marathon. The class is for developing the basic skills necessary to be successful at running any distance, at any speed, and being confident in doing it.

So whom would I recommend this class to? Everyone. Especially you. You know who you are. I’ll see you on Sundays.


Warm Up

1) Run Seq
2) Bar Complex


2 rounds:
Ginga Lunge x 10/10″
Bench Pigeon x 10/10″


A. Power Clean: 3,2,1,3,2,1, rest 2-3 min
(2nd wave slightly heavier than the 1st)
“Death by 10m”- running clock 10m shuttle runs. How far can you go? (1 the 1st minute, 2 the second, etc)

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  1. Last games WOD tomorrow and Potluck! Can’t wait to see everyone!
    Good Luck team PDX!

  2. Clearly, there’s not enough screaming in slavic languages going on at our gym for heavy lifts.

  3. Yo. Who’s doing the hip-hop class? I’m IN! Time to dust off the ‘ol Hammer Pants. Is it open to non-members of the gym?

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