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CrossFit Clackamas is hosting Everyday Paleo’s Sarah Fragoso and Growing Up Paleo’s Chrissy Gower on May 21st! Instead of the usual geeked out theory and research seminar, this is the how-to for an individual or family looking to go Paleo. Sign up online here!

“Spend a full day of practical learning with Everyday Paleo’s Sarah Fragoso, and Growing Up Paleo’s Chrissy Gower. Participants will learn the ins and outs of stocking a paleo kitchen, how to implement paleo with your family, learn the benefits of a paleo pregnancy, how to implement paleo nutrition to your growing children, and gain understanding of the psychology behind making healthy lifestyle changes work for you and your family. The cost of this seminar is $150.”

Warm Up

1) Bar Seq
2) 2 rounds:
Kneeling Lunge Stretch x 10/10″
SL Glute Bridge x 10/10″

3) Camel to Wall Stretch x 10/10″
4) Run 4 x 10m buildups


50 steps heel, blade, instep walks
Dwondog to Cobra x 6
Locust: 2 x 30″/side


A. Hang Power Snatch: 3 x 3, rest 2 min
5 sets:
Run 400m @ 90%
rest 4 min

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