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  1. Some awesome lifts this AM with the 630am class. Some of them looked so easy it was hard to believe they were that heavy.

    Not my best day. I have a new 1rm for my squat, my deadlift hasn’t changed and is now 5 lbs less than my squat, and I pushed a 25lbs bar overhead so I could get a press number. I’m hoping to be injury free next time we do this.

    Squat – 320lbs
    Press – 25lbs
    Deadlift – 315lbs
    Crossfit Total – 660

    Not looking forward to a 300 FY

  2. Nice big class this morning. Saw some great lifts.

    Squat: 275 (+5)
    Press: 0
    DL: 385 (-20, failed 3 attempts at 410)
    Total: 660

  3. Good luck with CF Total PDX!

    From Crossfit Lindy this AM:
    1RM Front Squat-new PR at 125

    then 500m row for fun-1.48

  4. Hmm, a work-out called “The 300 FY?”

    Why does CrossFit have a particular reputation?

    Glad we’re not that kind of gym.

  5. From CF Jackson Hole:

    For time: 50 hang squat clean thrusters – 35# DB
    every minute on the minute do 5 burpees


    Lots of game meat out here in Wyoming, so far have tried buffalo, venison and wild boar, going to a place known for their elk tonight, and supposedly the best rack of lamb around tomorrow night to finish it off.

    I also counted the homemade “organic” walnut and coconut ice cream I sampled last night as Paleo.

  6. My last WOD at CF Lindy before heading back to PDX tomorrow:

    For time:
    20 Power Snatches @95, 65
    Farmer’s Walk (longways) @1.5 pood, 1 pood
    20 Box Jumps @24″, 20″
    Farmer’s Walk
    20 Wall Balls @20, 15
    20 Burpees
    20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
    Farmer’s Walk
    20 Sit Ups
    Farmer’s Walk
    20 Clean and Jerks @95, 65


  7. Squat – 350 (+10)
    Press – 170 (0)
    Deadlift – 480 (+5)

    Total – 1000 on the button

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