You Came, You Conquered

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You’ll start to see more of what’s “underneath the hood” with the WODs very soon. We want you to understand why the training is programmed in this fashion and how it fits into a bigger weekly picture. Workouts will be detailed by their Type in the heading and Scott will be writing up in-depth descriptions of some of them. Curious and have more questions? Sign up for the Ask Scotty 1-hour Q&A at the gym on April 9th! Go online and do so through your account, it is free, spots are limited though.

WOD: Recovery, Skill, Mobility

If you did not do the Games Wod yesterday and will not be here on Saturday, you can do the workout today or tomorrow. Plenty of people in your class will gladly give you advice and cheer you on πŸ™‚

Row or Ride 10 min – easy pace; work on low stroke rate and form.
Kick Up to Handstand on wall – 15 R leg; 15 L leg. Smooth and steady.
Pullup Progression work OR
Kipping pullups – 5 x 5-10, 1 min rest. (choose a rep count you can maintain, focus on speed and efficiency)
3 rounds, steady and smooth:
5L/5R Turkish Get-Ups 36/26lbs
45 sec Side Plank L/R
10L/10R One Arm KB OH Squats 36/26lbs
Row or Ride 10 min – easy pace; work on low stroke rate and form.

Checkout all of your scores below! Men are on the left, Women on the right. I’ve already sorted for top scores. I did not note who scaled the workout but only a few did because of the pushups. Great job everyone! Good judging and way to keep it all moving this evening. If you missed it, we get to do it all over again on Saturday πŸ™‚

9 Comments on “You Came, You Conquered”

  1. Everyone (all of you) is doing great job. Go CFPDX!!! I’ll be going to cheer for all of you if all of you win the games. Please don’t let all of you lose.

  2. and I only saw 1 person do the workout “true RX” and that was Brian Kennett! love that guy!!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Not sure the spreadsheet is completely accurate…I judged Ted this morning and he got 10 + 8 DL = 368 reps…

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