25th Annual Offensive T-Shirt Party

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This Saturday, April 5th, long-time member Cory will be hosting his 25th Annual Offensive T-Shirt Party at Luchador Bar in NE Portland.

According to Cory, this will be the last t-shirt party he will be throwing, so if you’ve never been, this will be the last chance to fill that empty void in your life that only an offensive tshirt can fill.

Here are the answers to all the questions you might have:

Where is it?

It’s at the Luchador Bar in NE Portland. The best part about this is that you just show up at the bar, pay for your own drinks, and have a good time. If the party sucks, the good news is that you are still at a bar!

Who will I know there?

There will be a lot of folks from Crossfit Portland there. This is an open invitation, so bring all your friends!

What should I wear?

Everyone defines “offensive” differently, but this is all meant to be in good fun. You can go online to places like www.tshirthell.com or to the tamer www.snorgtees.com. You can even make your own with a Sharpie marker for all we care. Some crossfit-related shirts might include stuff like: “My Fran Timer is a Sundial,” or something about a snatch or a jerk. You get the picture…

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