Perfect is an Illusion


“The person that said ‘practice makes perfect’ doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Perfect is an illusion created by people who always want to be disappointed in themselves. PRACTICE MAKES BETTER!!” – Zach Anner We’re diving back into your shoulders! For those you who were here last year, right about now we would have been finishing our experiments with Sumo … Read More

WOD Sept 21 – 27


Weekly Priorities Monday Block Priority Tuesday Make Up or Conditioning Wednesday Block Priority Thursday Make Up or Conditioning Friday Block Priority Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Warm Up Do warmup after movement review Cat/cow 6-10 Down Dog to Cobra, 6-10 Sidelying Windmill, 5/5 Bottoms Up KB Floor Press Shoulder Screwdriver, 5/5 Bottoms Up KB … Read More

Strength WOD – Sept 21 – 27

adminStrength Program

Weekly Priorities Sleep, eat, and be prepared to get after every session with your best effort. Make sure you take the time to warm up. When you are lifting heavy, form matters and paying attention to form will prolong your longevity and enjoyment of strength training. If you pay attention, ask the coaches and trust their feedback, you will probably … Read More

Georgia Fountas, Massage Therapist At CrossFit Portland

Xi XiaNews

Georgia has established her massage therapy practice right at CrossFit Portland! She is great and has been working with members already. Here is her bio. Text/call 443-825-0562 or email: to set up appointments. Georgia has been skillfully and happily working muscles since 1999. A NY native, she transplanted herself to Portland in 2012 (by way of Florida and Maryland) … Read More