Aug 31 – Sept 6


Weekly Priorities Monday Priority #1 Tuesday Make Up or Conditioning Wednesday Priority #1 Thursday Make Up or Conditioning Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Warm Up Cat/Cow x6-10 Rolling Plank 5/5 Down Dog/Cobra x6-10 Plank 60″ (Upscale to opposing leg/arm 30″ each side) Side Plank 30″/30″ Inverted Plank 60″ Cossack Squat/Tripod/Bridge/tripod/cossack 5/5 WOD … Read More

Strength WOD – Aug 31 – Sept 6

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Weekly Priorities Sleep, eat, and be prepared to get after every session with your best effort. Make sure you take the time to warm up. When you are lifting heavy, form matters and paying attention to form will prolong your longevity and enjoyment of strength training. If you pay attention, ask the coaches and trust their feedback, you will probably … Read More

10 Fundamentals To Getting Stronger On A Strength Program


Beginning a strength focused program? Here’s some points to consider: 1) Sleep! This is number one. Sleep is the most anabolic thing you can do outside of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. When you sleep, your CNS (central nervous system) recovers. More sleep means your CNS will be able to send stronger signals to lift bigger weights. Good sleep also leads to … Read More

Strength Program – August 24 – 30

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Weekly Priorities 10 Fundamentals of Getting Stronger on a Strength Program Aerobic Warm Up 10-15 min mobility or foam roll work on your specific needs Please visit the Warm Up Resource for details. WOD (do this on Tue, Thu, or on the weekend) At 120-140bpm for everything, complete 8 rounds: 4 min aerobic (Jog, Airdyne, Row, Versa-Climber, etc- your choice … Read More