Injury Is Not The Apocalypse Of Your Health


In the 6 years that I’ve been doing Crossfit I’ve had three notable injuries that required me to take significant time (a month or more) away from working out. Though the injuries themselves and the circumstances that lead up to them have all been very different, they all shared a few things in common: a) They were a major bummer. … Read More

3 Levels of CrossFit Community


For many people, the most appealing aspect of CrossFit is the community it cultivates. Most people will simply train harder in a group, and have more fun doing so. In my mind, there are three levels of community that can arise out of a group training setting, with each level having a different impact on the results of the training. … Read More

My 4 Year CrossFit Preparation Plan


For an example of training for a long term goal, I thought I’d share a little of what I’m doing personally these days. After a few years of doing most of my training focused on gymnastic goals like the planche, handstands, and ring sequences, I got re-interested in competing in CrossFit sometime in 2012. I had competed in the early … Read More

June 15 – 21


Weekly Priorities Monday Priority #1 Tuesday Make Up or Conditioning Wednesday Priority #1 Thursday Make Up or Conditioning Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Warm Up Determine weight to be used for part “B” Run 400m loop / review course 10 KB Swings/review movement 1’ Jump Rope / review movement Bear Crawl 20m … Read More