How To Transition From Fitness CrossFit to Sport of CrossFit


You’ve probably noticed that this CrossFit thing is kind of a big deal now. A large part of the rapid expansion of CrossFit has been the success of the CrossFit Games, which puts the best athletes in the sport on display for the world to see. One thing that makes the Games special is that we can understand what the … Read More

“Run With It” Training Block


The “Run With It” training block is going to go from the first week of April until the first week of July. In that time, we’re going to be working on your aerobic endurance and middle distance/time frame performance. Proficiency means efficiency when it comes to motor patterns. The assessment might have pointed out some movement inefficiencies in your game. … Read More

April 6 – 12


Weekly Priorities Monday Priority #1 Tuesday Make Up or Conditioning Wednesday Priority #1 Thursday Make Up or Conditioning Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Warm Up Plank Saw, 10-15 Slow Mattress Flippers, 3/3 Slow walking Inchworms, Hold extended position for a 4 count, 10 Squat Seq WOD Our Core Training Values A: Front … Read More

Misty Nikula, 71st in the world wide CrossFit Open, Masters 45-49


Misty is my oldest client. And by OLDEST, I mean she has been with me the longest…just wanted to clarify that right off the bat. When you work with someone long enough, you get to crack jokes like that (I think…). Here is a sub 2:24 interview Xia Xi did with Misty and I. If your Fran time is under … Read More