March 30 – April 5


Weekly Priorities Monday Priority #1 Tuesday Make Up or Conditioning Wednesday Priority #1 Thursday Make Up or Conditioning Some insight into week 1 of “Run With It”. We’re starting a new training block this week. “Run With It” will be focused on developing your skill as a runner, as well as improving your aerobic endurance. Priority #1 Monday General body … Read More

What Do You Think About Protein Powder?


I often get the question “what do you think about protein powders?” As always, the answer is “it depends” – that is, it’s dependent on a variety of factors, including your goals. Let’s look at some of these: 1) Is it a good quality protein powder? Not all are created equal. Quality whey protein has a high concentrate of the … Read More

The One Strategy Guide for CrossFit Open 15.5 To Rule Them All

Xi XiaNews

As it did last year, the CrossFit Open closes with an event done for time. First Thoughts & General Comments This might be my favorite Open workout ever. It is very balanced as far as height advantage goes – better to be taller on the rower, better to be shorter on the thrusters. The reps are not excessive. It is … Read More

Full Cellar Farm CSA

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Remember that survey you filled out months about a CSA at CrossFit Portland? We have been chosen as a partner site to order and receive fresh vegetables! The farmer we are connecting with is Emily Cooper and she is a one-woman show. We are excited to partner with her! Hey everyone! I’m Emily, the owner and sole employee of Full Cellar … Read More