Tell Me What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)


One of the best things a client can do to ensure their success is to be honest about their goals, and especially their motivations for those goals. Oftentimes knowing an individual’s reasoning behind pursuing a certain goal will influence how the program is actually created. An simple example might be someone who comes to me with the goal of increasing … Read More

3 Forgotten Snatch Faults

jonathanthomTraining Tips

I go into detail and put this into practice in my six week snatch course starting January 20th, next week Tuesday. There about about 8 million things that can go wrong when snatching. This is a big part of why it is such an awesome lift; it is so satisfying when you can make all 8 million things go right … Read More

Day 1/Week 1 of 10, “Plowman” Jan 12 – 18


Weekly Priorities Monday Priority #1 Tuesday Make Up or Conditioning Wednesday Priority #1 Thursday Make Up or Conditioning Yoked Gymnast Training Block Resource Page (Videos, Tips, Etc.) Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. 1: ASLR 2: Grip strength Assessment. 3 attempts per hand, need highest and average of the 3. 2: 4’ your … Read More