How High Intensity is Limiting Your CrossFit Potential

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I imagine you are someone that cares about their training, is interested in how it works, and I hope you take a moment to consider this point of view. If you are training for the sport of Crossfit, you are always looking to improve your conditioning, your engine. You may feel like you have reached a plateau where you are working … Read More



We’re on the road to wrapping up the “Yoked Like A Gymnast” training block. This week we’re re-doing the assessment from Week 1. People in the Monday classes have been showing the results of their hard work. In some cases we’re seeing a 100-110% increase in both raw strength (the weighted movements) and strength/stamina (the AMRAPs). The (honestly) surprising part … Read More

Be Self Sufficient to Be Successful


At Crossfit Portland, we really like for our members to set clear goals. As a coach I generally try to encourage people to pursue goals that are meaningful to them, rather than making my own suggestions about what I think those goals should be. That said, I do have a goal for everyone. Whether you know it or not, one … Read More

Block 1/1, Week 8/8 Dec 29 – Jan 4th


Weekly Priorities Monday Priority #1 Tuesday Make Up or Conditioning Wednesday Priority #1 Thursday Make Up or Conditioning Yoked Gymnast Training Block Resource Page (Videos, Tips, Etc.) Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Jump Rope, Mixed patterns, 3’ 2 rounds 10/10 Naked or Light KB Windmill, 10 Inchworms, 5/5 Long Cossack, 10 Front … Read More