Block 1/1, Week 1/8 Nov 10 – 16


Weekly Priorities Monday Priority #1 Tuesday Make Up or Conditioning Wednesday Priority #1 Thursday Make Up or Conditioning Yoked Gymnast Training Block Resource Page (Videos, Tips, Etc.) Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Jump Rope, Mixed patterns, 3’ 2 rounds 10/10 Naked or Light KB Windmill, 10 Inchworms, 5/5 Long Cossack, 20m Hand/Foot … Read More

Mass Effect, That Was Dope.

Xi XiaNews

So, that was fun! Thank you all for coming to Mass Effect and pushing physically and mentally. You could feel the energy in the gym at a higher level. The energy level Is not just because there are more people in the gym, or the type of workouts, or more “firebreathers” among you. This higher level is because each of … Read More

Block 1/1, Week 8/8 Nov 3 – 9


Weekly Priorities Monday Snatch Tuesday Make Up or Alternate Wednesday-Sunday Variety Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Snatch warm up with class. We start with the first 1/2 in the earlier weeks. 1) Jump Rope – 4 min 2) Half Kneeling Chops x 10 each Single Leg Glute Bridges x 10 each Long … Read More

Guidelines for Maxing Out


Insightful advice from Coach Jonathan Thom. Maxing out can have a strange effect on people. Even the most intelligent, reasonable trainees can turn into chaotic messes when going for a max. There are probably a lot of reasons for this, the most obvious of which is the immense value placed upon 1-rep maximums in the strength world – as if … Read More