Block 1/1; Week 5/10 Oct 13-19


Weekly Priorities Monday Snatch Tuesday Make Up or Alternate Wednesday Snatch Thursday Make Up or Alternate Friday-Sunday Variety Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Snatch warm up with class. We start with the first 1/2 in the earlier weeks. 1) Deck of Death – 5 min 2) Half Kneeling Chops x 10 each … Read More

I Started For Wonder Woman. Now, the Bar Is Set At She-Hulk.


Stacey’s been a member for more than 2+ years and recently decided to challenge herself with individual programming. She is currently one of my personal coaching clients. We’re working on getting her stronger (of course), as well as improving her general movement ability and body composition. A great deal of this work has included kettlebells, rings, and dumbbells. Rows, Presses, … Read More