How To Learn, Develop, and Train Snatch Technique – First Pull & Setup

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The first pull is the last step in the Top-Down learning progression for the snatch. It is lifting the bar at rest from the floor to the knee. Starts: From Floor Ends: As bar crosses the knees. At about 0:12 in the video below. Although this phase of the lift has the bar moving the slowest as compared to the … Read More

How I Did Not Get Fatter On Vacation

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Everything would suggest I should have ballooned up a bit but I clearly didn’t. I did not get fatter on my 2 week vacation in South Korea by eating everything and absolutely indulging myself. This included more ice cream, alcohol, and gluten products than I normally consume. It was fun, delicious, and I was a little stressed about it at … Read More

Why Do I Still Train?


The 10th anniversary of my first Crossfit competition just passed a short while ago. I was surprised when I realized how long I’ve been doing this – I had never really stopped to consider that. And then my thoughts turned to, why? After thinking about it, I wanted to share my story of fitness, and why I still train like … Read More

POSE Running 2 Day Seminar

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Do you want to improve your running form? Have you been hearing about “minimalist” running, and want to find out more? CrossFit Portland is offering a two day intensive running technique clinic. The Pose Running 2 Day Seminar is a two day intensive. Day one will be identifying movement problems, and teaching basic theory and drills. Day two will be … Read More