Coach Jonathan Thom

Xi XiaNews

I like to introduce Jonathan Thom as he’ll starting CrossFit Portland’s High School Strength & Conditioning Camp in November. Jonathan has spent the last five years coaching at Jogo CrossFit Bellingham up in Washington. Jonathan is passionate about helping people get more out of their fitness. He has been coaching since 2009. Jonathan has received many fitness certifications, including CrossFit Level … Read More

Mileage Proof Your Knees In The Long Run


A 8-minute mile is about 1300 steps. Each step is 2.5 times your bodyweight of force going through your knee. How many steps can you afford to take incorrectly before you are injured? Here is one thing that you can do to mileage proof your knees in the long run. Jump Rope! Believe it or not (believe it), jumping rope … Read More

Block 1/1; Week 6/8 Oct 20 – 26


Weekly Priorities Monday Snatch Tuesday Make Up or Alternate Wednesday Snatch Thursday Make Up or Alternate Friday-Sunday Variety Priority #1 Monday General body warm up if you are early to class. Snatch warm up with class. We start with the first 1/2 in the earlier weeks. 1) Deck of Death – 5 min 2) Half Kneeling Chops x 10 each … Read More