Transition Week 2 of 2 April 7th – April 13th

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Weekly Priorities How to read workouts for this block How to plan your schedule for the this block Monday 1 Tuesday 2 – Rest – Thursday 1 Friday 2 Monday 1 – Rest – Wednesday 1 – Rest – Friday 2 Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Your choice – 3 min 2) Squat Seq 3) Shoulder Seq WOD Transition … Read More

How to Read Tempo Workouts For Next Block

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This week and next, we will be prepping for the upcoming phase of training starting April 14. Scott already wrote about how to schedule your week. This is an instruction guide on how to read the workouts. They will be a bit different. One of the big changes is that “A1 – A2 – A3….” will be coming back. Also, … Read More