Block 4 / Week 15 – Competition March 17-23

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Weekly Priorities Monday 1 Tuesday 2 – Rest – Thursday 1 Friday 2 Monday 1 – Rest – Wednesday 1 – Rest – Friday 2 Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Run Seq 2) Shoulder Seq WOD Block 4/Week 15 – competition Skill, Lactic Endurance A. Shoulder to Overhead: 8 reps EMOM for 5 sets notes-use a weight you can … Read More

CrossFit Open 14.3 Strategy Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Competing in the CrossFit Open is like committing to go on 5 blind dates. Last week, your date with 14.2 was all business. 14.2 wasted no time and didn’t really want to “get to know you”. “Hi. I expect a small outdoor wedding in 18 months, 2 kids separated by 2 years before 32, and definitely Roth instead of traditional … Read More

Focus of Training Block After the Open

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We’ve already reached the mid-point of the CrossFit Opens. Hopefully you’ve been having some fun participating in fitness as a sport! Some of you might be wondering what is after the Open? What will we focus on? For the first two weeks following the Opens, the 201 classes take a break from the training blocks and we’ll do a variety … Read More

My #6 and #7 Top Reads of 2013

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Fat-Soluble Vitamins The interaction of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is very complex and depends on various metabolic factors. They all interact with and are dependent on each other. Simply taking one vitamin, such as vitamin D, may actually be a poor idea if other factor such as vitamin K are not considered. Written by one of my favorite bloggers, … Read More