Pull Up Plateau Busting Moves

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You are so close to a legit strict chin or pull up! You can literally smell the bar! But you just can’t seem to break through a sticking point? Here are 2 plateau busting tips to get your first strict chin or pull up.

Big Changes In March

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The 2014 CrossFit Open competition invades our gym February 27th. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest you find out. It’s happening. Like the holidays, it happens once a year and it can be pretty special. Our focus shifts from Training to Performing. I ask you to do 3 things in March. 1) Go harder. Dig deeper. Do … Read More

Block 2 / Week 8 Jan 27th – Feb 2nd

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Weekly priorities Monday 1 Tuesday 2 – Rest – Thursday 1 Friday 2 Monday 1 – Rest – Wednesday 1 – Rest – Friday 2 Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Jump Rope 3 min 2) Shoulder Seq/OHS prep Competition Pre Snatch: 8 singles at ~80-85%1RM WOD Block 2/Week 8 Strength, strength endurance A. OH Squat: 3 x 5,3,1; rest … Read More

Do Your Shoulders Glide?

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You can lift heavy loads overhead, you can overhead squat like a champ…but does your shoulder move REALLY well? Here is what you are looking for!