Chef Jaret’s Coconut Butternut Soup Recipe

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Chef Jaret Foster just dropped off some soup for the students that attended his last cooking class and IT…IS…AMAZING. Luckily, he shared the recipe with all of us, see below. The class was great! We learned tips on chopping vegetables, holding a knife properly and learning the function of every type of knife. It was hands-on learning as we chopped … Read More

220 lb Khalipa Runs 10 x 800 M, 1-to-1 work:rest, All Sub 3:00.

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This is your classic story of Ironman legend finding CrossFit, becoming a better runner, and a stronger and healthier human being. At the same time, CrossFit legend seeks out help from Ironman legend and does something pretty freaking amazing on the track. 220 lb Khalipa runs 10 x 800 M, 1-to-1 work:rest, all runs are sub 3:00!