Block 2 / Week 3 of 13 (accumulation 1) Sept 16 – 22

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Weekly priorities Monday – #1, Friday – #1, Wednesday – #2, Tuesday – #3 or Make Up. Thursday – Make up Sat & Sunday – Optional Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Jump Rope – 3 min 2) Squat Seq WOD Block 2/week 3 of 13 (accumulation 1) Strength (lift/rotate on instructor’s command) A1. Front Squat: 4 x 4-6 @3011; … Read More

The Lower Crossed Syndrome

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Do you sit all day? Read on… One great feature of the human body is it’s adaptability. At the same time it is also the human body’s biggest downfall. Our bodies are great at adapting to the demands thrown at it no matter what they are. This is great if you are trying to improve your fitness – when you … Read More

Scotty’s recap on The Dynamic Strength & Conditioning Fall Seminar

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Don’t forget to submit your Part 2 Benchmark Scores in the link below! “Part 2″ (Front Squat, Push Press, Chin Up) scores. Scott H.’s journey of learning to be the greatest fitness coach ever, continued this past weekend. Here’s a recap of his weekend on the east coast at the Dynamic Strength & Conditioning Fall Seminar in New Hampshire. I’m … Read More

Who’s Who: Jason Z.

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How were you introduced to Crossfit? I was working with a personal trainer at another outfit not too far from the old location. I had been working with her for a few years off and on and was getting what I thought were decent results but getting bored with the workouts in general. I had a friend who was training … Read More