Block 2 / Week 4 of 13 (accumulation 1) Sept 23-29

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Weekly priorities Starting next week, priority days will be changing a bit and Make Up Days are Ending! You should have received an email explaining it all on Sunday. Check your inboxes! Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Row or Ride 3 min 2) Squat Seq Competition Pre men-build to a single @90%1RM in the Squat Snatch women-build to a … Read More

Any Given Day

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On any given day at CrossFit Portland, there is much more going on than the daily 201 CrossFit workout. Here is a typical training palette that occurs. Jump Start This is where beginners start the process of acquiring skill, foundation, and how to avoid injury. Think of it like an intense strawberry and goat cheese salad. Packed with flavor, light … Read More

“Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose!”

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A few Friday’s ago, the 5:30 PM evening class was at the track. Perfect day, no music, just throwing medicine balls as far as we can under the sun. Laura was there and coincidentally enlightened me to a phrase from the show Friday Night Lights. “Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose!” What does it mean? Well, if you look at … Read More

Shiny New Toys!

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Basic Cooking Skills class still has space. Deadline to sign up is Tuesday, 5 pm! In the past month, we have received several pieces of equipment upgrades at CrossFit Portland. Pretty stoked about all of them! New Barbells We replaced all of our old mens 45# and womens 33# barbells with new 45# and 35# Pendlay bars. Ever since getting … Read More