2+ Year Member Inductees – September 2013

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I like things smooth and stable so I’m not a fan of change…but, change always comes. There are many changes occurring this month at CrossFit Portland. Summer is on its last stretch and Fall is here. Our training focus has shifted towards strength and away from aerobic endurance. Our fellow Coach SW has announced he will be moving to LA … Read More

Block 3 / Week 5 of 13 (accumulation 1) Sept 30 – Oct 6

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Weekly priorities Weekly framework are 2 tracks. No more make up days. Monday 1 Tuesday 2 – Rest – Thursday 1 Friday 2 Monday 1 – Rest – Wednesday 1 – Rest – Friday 2 You should have received an email explaining it all last week Sunday. Check your inboxes! Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Your choice – 3 … Read More

Tami’s Journey to a Happier Self!

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We’ve all had our share of falling off the wagon. We get into the best shape of ourselves, we get a little too comfortable and a few months breeze by, and we are 10-20 lbs huskier than our clothes can fit. This happened to Tami last winter and I wanted to share Tami’s journey from falling completely off to now … Read More

Lets Be Honest

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This is the Big Dilemma that faces any really competitive athlete, in any endeavor. This conversation between Pat Sherwood and Chris Spealler is just raw and honest. A rare inside look at how an elite athlete deals with the struggle of ever increasing mental strength from years of experience versus the ever decreasing physical ability from the years. Starts at … Read More