Evolve Move Play Workshop

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Rafe Kelley, owner of Parkour Visions in Seattle, is teaching a new workshop of his on basic movement and play. It will be in Portland at Mt. Tabor park on September 15th!!! This is a great opportunity to get outside and apply all that fitness you have built up over the summer one last time. Click on the image to … Read More

Live Well, Stay Healthy, Thrive

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Too busy to work out? Studies show that getting just a short workout during lunch can be beneficial. The key is intensity. “15 minutes of exercise can net you nearly the same effects of a 60 minutes workout, if you increase the intensity.” The key to getting the lunch workout into your busy day, is being prepared. Make sure you … Read More

Ladies, Let’s Aim for the Top of the Podium by Julie Foucher

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Julie Foucher, 2nd Place Finisher at the 2012 Crossfit Games, has written a great article (published online in the Huffington Post!) about how gender equality when present, self-confidence may be a factor in women’s own downfall. What a great read! Check it out here! I can’t imagine a better way of saying it. She pretty much hit it right on … Read More