New Release – Reebok Skull Goggles

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Stop reading if you want to get any work done from now until Monday… Ok, ESPN3 (streaming online) is showing every event of the CrossFit Games starting Friday morning. Individuals, Teams, everything. Yesterday was the swim pool muscle up event. If you missed it, you can replay it anytime on ESPN3. “Honestly, I thought the competition was going to be … Read More

Volunteer For SuperFit!

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The SuperFit Games are a series of local competitions held at your CrossFit gym. Some of you tuned out at “competition”…perfect, I still need your help as a volunteer! SuperFit Portland is a team challenge on Saturday, August 17th. Teams of 2, scaled and RX. All the details and answers to your competition questions are here. If you are not … Read More

To Do by Sunday: Find the Fittest on Earth

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2013 CrossFit Games season winds to a close with top male, female, and teams competing in a weeklong finale this week. The Games will start this Tuesday, July 23rd, and for the first time will be in the Stub Hub Center, home stadium of the LA Galaxy. What you need to know: We are going to project it all day … Read More

Who’s Who: Jessica M.

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How were you introduced to Crossfit? I was on the elliptical at ME Fitness, bored out of my mind, watching these crazy people down below me running down the street carrying sandbags. I was like who the hell are these people and what is that nonsense they’re doing?! I was intrigued and then spent far too much time doing far … Read More