CrossFit Portland Photos From 2013 CrossFit Games

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Amy beats the boys to qualify for the final heat Congrats to Madoc for winning the clean & jerk at The Games! Xi Xia at The CrossFit Games cheering for Jess Chang in the Sprint Chipper. Xi Xia takes second in the Sprint Zig Zag I killed it in the pool event

Fragile – Don’t Move!

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I’m hearing rumors of alarming note about medical professionals advising you against moving to your potential, especially as you get older. Now that you are 40, don’t lift heavy things from the floor, don’t lift overhead, don’t do this or don’t do that. Basically, if you want to avoid injury, stop moving so frequently and in so many creative ways. … Read More

Tao of Rich Froning

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“We each finished our pastry, chasing it down with a pint of whole milk. And there it is – The champ, less than a week away from defending his title, taking the time to stop and enjoy a well-deserved donut after yet another workout…An absolutely perfect display of Ying and Yang.” Just good mindful wisdom to always remember when training … Read More

July 29 – Aug 4 Block 4 / Week 14 of 17

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Weekly priorities Monday – #1, Friday – #1, Wednesday – #2, Tuesday – #3 or Make Up. Thursday – Make up Sat & Sunday – Optional Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Your choice -3 min 2) Squat Seq + Glute bridge – 10 slow w/3 sec holds Competition Pre: 1-5 HSPU EMOM for 10 min (pick a goal based … Read More