June 10 – 16 Block 2 / Week 7 of 17

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Weekly priorities Summer Pull Up Muscle Up Challenge! Details on this week’s Monday blog post. Monday – #1, Friday – #1, Wednesday – #2, Tuesday – #3 or Make Up. Thursday – Make up Sat & Sunday – Optional Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Run 600m 2) Shoulder Seq 3) Star Jump & Mtn Climber intro Competition Pre: Pre: … Read More

Consistency Paying Off

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For the last 5 weeks, we have been doing a front squat – deadlift – weighted chinup – DB strict press workout on Priority Wednesdays. It started in Week 1 with finding 6 rep max on the four lifts. Week 2-4, we did the following every Wednesday: 20 Minute AMRAP: 2 Front Squat 2 Weighted Chin Ups 2 DB Strict … Read More

Farewell, Chris, Kylee, and Sophie!

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One of the purposes of CrossFit Portland is to help members change and progress in a positive way. Over the years, we’ve been a part of many transformations and it is always hard to say farewell to those particular members. In June, I want to say farewell to Chris B., Kylee, and Sophie. All three are moving away from Portland … Read More

Brent Bends 520 LBs to His Will

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Over the next few weeks, I want to highlight some of the achievements and cool things my program design clients are doing. I spend most of my time these days writing training programs for those near and far. (and why I spend most of my time up in the office…) Brent has been focused on his deadlift. Here he focuses … Read More