July 1 -7 Block 3 / Week 10 of 17

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Weekly priorities Monday – #1, Friday – #1, Wednesday – #2, Tuesday – #3 or Make Up. Thursday – Make up Sat & Sunday – Optional Priority #1 Monday Warm Up 1) Run 600m 2) Cartwheel practice Competition Pre 3 rds, NFT: 1-5 Muscle Ups (or prep drills) 6 Strict T2B 5/arm DB Snatches WOD Block 3/week 10 of 17 … Read More

2+ Year Member Inductees – June 2013

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“Full effort is full victory.” – by Gandhi, Mahatma. Have you ever made lofty goals and got discouraged after one setback? Have you ever felt guilty for missing a training session when you realized the reason was just an excuse? Have you ever blamed others and later realized the problem is with yourself? I bet every single member on the … Read More

Overhead Squat Workshop

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Lets face it; your overhead squat is ugly. Your body is resilient and can deal with a bunch of poor positions, until one day it decides enough is enough. Some of you may get away with overhead squatting with internally rotated shoulders, overextended lumbar, collapsing knees and ankles, etc but odds of injury are drastically increased. This movement is without … Read More

What Does Kenai Mean?

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You may have noticed in some recent chatter on Facebook, Twitter, and coming from the upstairs lounge about Sockeye this, Kenai that. What’s it all about, you ask? It’s all helping the membership at CrossFit Portland find some of the best nutritional resources available. We carry Sockeye Salmon from the Kenai Red Fish Company at the gym. It’s up in … Read More