The Good Ol’ Days

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Last week, Scott Hagnas taught the competition class on Friday evening. The competition class had just started last week so this was the 2nd time everyone was meeting. It had the same people from the first class and also attracted a new member to try it. FYI, its open to anyone interested at anytime, just sign up online. As I … Read More

Best Finish

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Yesterday was Memorial Day and like many other Crossfit gyms, we posted Murph as the WOD(Run 1 mile, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, run 1 mile). If you’ve never done this workout, as you can imagine, it hurts. If you have done it, you will agree. It takes very fast athletes around half an hour, but more realistically … Read More

2+ Year Member Inductees – May 2013

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No one perseveres through an ice cream sandwich. You may have noticed the wall of plaques dedicated to 2+ year current members at CrossFit Portland. It’s actually a 3D sterogram puzzle – focus on the big picture and the word PERSEVERANCE might pop out at you. We believe anyone can elevate their fitness here at CrossFit Portland. However, only the … Read More