I Climbed My First Rope in CrossFit! Jump Start, Week 3

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At CrossFit Portland, we start new members with personal training or our Jump Start program. In the last 2 weeks, I have covered what you can expect in Week 1 and Week 2 of Jump Start. You are already halfway through and there are more challenges and skills to learn and master. The variety of skills and movements is such … Read More

CrossFit Competition Class

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In the past few weeks since the CrossFit Open concluded, XX has heen been planting the seed that CrossFit might be your sport! Now that the Crossfit Open competition has come to a close, what’s next? If you are interested in the sport of CrossFit, we are excited to announce a whole new weekly WOD and class. CrossFit Competition Class … Read More

Rochelle’s Childcare Story

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Some of you may know my story, or one like it. Others of you may be able to sympathize or empathize with it. At the tender age of 20 I had a baby boy, Jobe. My whole world was rocked, including moving 2 states away from my friends and family. All I had was my husband’s family, work until I … Read More

Who’s Who: Charity!

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How were you introduced to Crossfit? I met some people at a party who were having a “This one time, at Crossfit, I puked so HARD” conversation. I was justifiably grossed out but intrigued at the same time. Who are these people who puke for fun? They flip tires? They eat bacon? The chicks have for-reals muscles? They are not … Read More