13.4 Strategy

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If you are comfortable with the weight and toes to bar. The bulk of this workout will be the clean and jerks and grip endurance. Managing that will get you the most reps. Lets say you are shooting for 90. 420 total seconds 9 transitions – 5 seconds per, 45 total seconds. 375 seconds left 45 T2B – 120 seconds. … Read More

Course on Obstacle Courses

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Spartan Race. Tough Mudder. American Ninja Warrior. Cattleprods, razor wire, burpees, and burning hay bales. Are you tough enough? Most of these obstacle races ask that. “Are you tough enough”? The answer? Probably. For most “fit” people, toughing it out through an obstacle course shouldn’t be about their muscular stamina or cardiovascular endurance. The truth about most of these races … Read More

Block 3 – Week 5

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Multiple other training programs available for members – Body Composition Training, Strength Training, and Field Sport Training. Contact Xi Xia if you want to pursue these training programs. Monday Priority 1 Warm Up 1) 3 rounds: Jog around building 100 skips Jump Rope 2) Bar Complex WOD Block 3; week 5 AMRAP in 20 min: 5 Power Cleans @90%1RM 10 … Read More

French Not Required For Agility & Mobility

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You watched the video of MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre we linked to the other day, and now you have even more questions about this Agility and Mobility class. “Are you going to expect us to run around barefoot and shirtless in the woods?” “How is this going to improve my Fran time?” “Is this the Parkours that the kids … Read More