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Warm Up 1) Jog 600m 2) 2 trips Sampson Lunge 1 trip Inchworm 2 trips Crabwalk 1 trip Bear crawl Mobility Shin Stretch PVC Shoulder Stretches WOD Lactic Power 6 rounds, teams of 5: 10 Burpees 1 trip HH Prowler push, wtd. rest as others go.

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Andi dared Aumi to put on these shorts, cirque 70’s PE class, and he obliged. Orange is a great color on you. Aumi has always been tall and slim, and has been trying to gain weight since starting CrossFit. Finally, after tweaking his training, he is gaining weight at a healthy clip. 155 by the end of the year?? Warm … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Run 600m 2) Bar Complex Mobility Seal Position to Prone Scorpion to Spinal rocks WOD Custom Goals Training + Strength, aerobic 5 rounds: 5 Power Cleans @85%1RM 20 Pushups 200m Run

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Oops, the link yesterday in the email to a sample WOD Book didn’t work. Here it is! Sport Journals makes the best wod books, hands down. The insides might not be exactly the same but pretty similar. Warm Up 1) 3 rounds: 100 single skips 10 Pushups 10 V-Ups 10 Squats 2) Bar Complex, C&J Mobility Seal stretch 5/5 Mtn … Read More