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The Crossfit Games 2010 Team Champs are back!! Crossfit Fort Vancouver is headed back to the Crossfit Games in July! They finished in 2nd place at North West Regionals this weekend with 3 x 1st place finishes. Out of 30 teams that qualified, only the top 3 are invited to the CrossFit Games. Erin Taylor is on the CFV team … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Run 600m 2) Squat Seq Mobility 50 steps ea: Blade, heel, instep + 10 Shinbox switches 10 Shinbox twist switches WOD Aerobic Power 10 min work @~80%(sustainable) pace: 5/5 Renegade Rows 2 Shuttle Runs (down & back) 10 Ball Slams 10 Situps –5 min recovery– 10 min work @~80%(sustainable) pace: Plate OH Walking Lunge 45/25lb down Bear … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Your choice – 3 min 2) Shoulder seq, short 3) Bar Complex Mobility Thread the Needle Spinal Rocks Table Press WOD Strength A. Hang Power Snatch + OHS + Hang Snatch: 6 x 1+1+1, rest 2-3 min B. OHS: 5 x 5 @32X1, rest 3 min C. Press: 3 x 5 @21X1, rest 3 min


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If you missed yesterday’s workout, it was a perfect opportunity to practice RX for Speed. Notice that the prowler did not have a specific weight for men or women. The chalkboard above shows the 6 round scores for a team of 4. Notice how everyone kept each round around 50-60 seconds. Yup, just 6 total minutes of working out in … Read More