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New members orientation meeting this Saturday at 11:00 AM. If you have questions about the gym, your training, goals, come on by! Warm Up 1) Your choice – 3 min 2) Shoulder Seq, short 3) Bar Complex Mobility Shinbox spinal twists Standing spinal circles WOD Strength/CP Endurance A. Push Jerk + Split Jerk: 5 x 1+1; rest 2-3 min notes-from … Read More

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Training for Body Composition Course: Link to the scheduling survey was sent to your inboxes yesterday. If you are interested, please complete the survey by June 5th. Warm Up 1) Jump Rope -4 min 2) Shoulder Seq Mobility Instructor’s choice WOD Strength/skills Pull progression –OR– A1. Weighted Pullup: 4 x 2-3 @20X1, rest 15 sec A2.  Weighted Chinup: 4 x … Read More


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I received one of those emails yesterday that just make your day as a coach. Sean Dailey trained at CFPDX to pass the P.A.S.T and get into the USAF Pararescue pipeline. He started in group classes and then chose to do individual programming with me to hone in on his goals. He dropped me a line yesterday about the Indoctrination … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Your choice-3 min 2) Short shoulder Seq 3) Bar complex Mobility Seal Thread the Needle Shinbox twist w/lat reach WOD Custom Goals Training + CP stamina/aerobic AMRAP in 20 min: 7 Hang Squat Cleans @90% of PC max 7 EROM HSPU (tough, 2-4RM variation) The weights dictate a start-stop pace today. If you are blazing through this, … Read More