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Congratulations to my distance coaching client Marie Rochat for setting a Junior World Record (WABDL) in the deadlift: 404.5 lbs at a bodyweight of 130 lbs! She also set a state record in the Bench Press at 171 lbs. Get started in our 101 Beginner’s program next week, Monday or Tuesday. Click on “class sign up” and reserve your spot … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Jump Rope – 30 sec on/30 sec off x 5 2) Bar complex (after CGT) Mobility Thread the Needle Rolls WOD Custom Goals training + A. Snatch: work up to a heavy single + 5 rounds: 5 Snatches (use 70%1RM) 5 Wall Walks

Rubber, Steel, Aesthetics, Organization, and Safety

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Or, put it back where you found it! The other night we were doing a barbell intensive workout. Unusual, I know, but it got me thinking. So much so that I stopped the class that I was leading to share my thoughts. I figured I should share my thoughts and observations with the entire gym, and not just the lucky … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Run 600m 2) 10 Inchworms Kneeling Lunge mobility Prone scorpions Lizzard lunge Mobility Mtn Climber Twists x 10 90/90 Hip Stretch WOD Push/Pull make up work 5 rounds for fast round times: 15 KB Swings (heavy) Prowler down high/back low 100/50lbs Rest 4 min