Double It

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Almost 50,000 participants registered for the Open so far. That’s DOUBLE last year and still 4 days to go…Oh, the deadline to register is Sunday, February 26th! We are at 48 on the CFPDX Open team! Four more days for us coaches to hound you about signing up and it still makes sense to do so. This evening, around 5 … Read More


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Potluck at noon after the first Open workout! We got the meat, you bring side dishes and the liquid refuel. Oh, feel free to invite your friends to come watch you during the CrossFit Open. CFPDX is open to all of your fans and supporters. Jessica is currently 1 of 45 CFPDX registered teammates for the Open. I want you … Read More

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Great job everyone on implementing the whiteboard yesterday!! Take a look at what everyone did. Warm Up 1) 4 min – your choice Mobility None, in workout.  If extra time, instructor’s choice. WOD Custom Goals Training + 10 min CF Skills practice – efficiency/pacing/breathing + Complete the following tasks in any order, constant movement: 30 (15/15) Turkish Get-Ups (light) 30/30 … Read More


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Just like the Force, there is a light and dark side. Use the board wisely We are bringing back the WOD results board and making it better. For some of you, this is nothing new. For others, this is a new concept. Coaches will be putting your names and your WOD results on the board. The coach will write it … Read More