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WOD 12.2 of the Open will be released tonight at 5 pm. I know some of you will be hitting it tonight and the rest of us thanks you for testing the waters first! Have you seen the CrossFit Games Update show on games.crossfit.com? 68,800+ athletes are officially registered and over 5 million burpees were submitted in the first Open … Read More


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Crossfit Portland has been introducing new people to Crossfit since the gym first opened in 2005. One of the most fun programs for new members was the On Ramp class. In 2012, we brought it back better than ever — now it’s called Jump Start! Coach Scott W. taught the first Jump Start in January and he shares his experience … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Your choice – 4 min Mobility Spinal Rock focus WOD Custom Goals Training + A. Deadlift: work up to a heavy triple with perfect form B. Deadlift: 1 x amrap at 75% of your best weight from “”A””. + AMRAP in 4 min – Walking Lunges AMRAP in 3 min – Box Jumps 20″” AMRAP in 2 … Read More


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Sunday February 26 has come and gone and I can finally stop asking you to join the CFPDX 2012 Games Open team. Lets take a look at what we’ve accomplished. For 2012, we started the push back in November 15 with our first post – We Want You! As of today, Team CFPDX is 56 strong and willing! Thank you … Read More