Lynnwood Competition Results

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Congratulations to Erin Taylor and Adam Neiffer – first place in the mixed pairs division at the Cretus Ex Duellum contest this last weekend in Lynnwood, WA! Crossfit Fort Vancouver actually swept the 1-2-3 podium spots in the mixed pairs. The two day event featured many interesting challenges such as pair rowing (where the rowers were connected together) and the … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Row/Rope 4 min 2) bar complex (after CGT) Mobility Band Lat + Plate pullovers WOD Custom Goals Training + A. Power Clean + Jerk: 5 x 3+1, EMOM B. Hollow Holds: 25 sec/35 sec rest x 4


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Yesterday, a lady called to find out more about CrossFit and her goals were to be strong and toned. She was afraid lifting heavy weights will make her muscles big and less feminine. By now, I know exactly how to explain the wonderful feminine changes CrossFit will produce. Ladies, you have an exaggerated fear of your own muscles!! Check out … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Your choice 4 min 2) Strict sampson Lunge – 20″/side 5 Inchworms 5/5 Mtn Climber Twists Mobility 2 rds: 10 Shinbox swithches 10 Cossack squat switches 10 Spinal Rocks 20 sec Cobra WOD Teams of 5, rotate every minute for 3 rounds: AMRAP DB Thrusters in 1 minĀ  35/25lb AMRAP Double Unders in 1 min AMRAP Burpees … Read More