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Warm Up 1) Your choice – 4 min 2) Sandbag skill/warmup following CGT Mobility Lying Glute stretch/mobilization Butterfly Shinbox switches x 10 Pigeon WOD Custom Goals Training + “Sandbag Grace”- for time: 30 Clean to Overhead – ~1/2 bwt. sandbag + Hollow Holds: 5 x 30 sec/30 sec rest Registration for the the CrossFit Games Open goes live tomorrow at … Read More


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We will be closed this Saturday and Sunday for our first annual coaches retreat. Did you know there are many advanced medical tests that can give a very accurate picture of your present health status? Also, the information from these tests can be used to prevent many chronic diseases from ever happening in the first place? These tests can also … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Row 4 min 2) Shoulder Seq + Scap Seq 3) Bar complex Mobility Instructor’s choice WOD 5 rounds: 5 Power Snatches (unbroken but tough) Row 30 sec for max watts rest 5 min while others go.

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Warm Up 1) run Seq 2) Shoulder Seq Mobility instructor’s choice WOD 3 rounds for time: Run 400m 21 Plate OH Walking Lunges 45/25lb 12 HSPU