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Jake is phenomenal at jumping rope. You may notice that he brings his own rope to class and jumps rope even when jumping rope is not in the workout. This consistency and focus helps explain why he’s damn good at it — singles, double-unders, and now he’s working on nailing longer sets of triple-unders. It may surprise you to learn … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Jump rope – 4 min, mixed patterns 2) Bar complex, clean Mobility 90/90 Hip stretch Cobra/DownDog x 7 WOD A. Clean: work up to a heavy single, then 5 x 1 @85% + “Annie” – 50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds: Double Unders Situps (PACT will do Annie with 201 class)

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Warm Up 1) Jump Rope – 3 min 2) Shoulder Seq Mobility x2: Seal into Locust into DownDog into Elevated Scorpion L/R WOD 4 rounds for reps: AMRAP HSPU rest 2 min AMRAP Pullups rest 2 min Rest 6 min when done One time, for time @100%: 30 KB Swings 53/36lb Run 100m Row 200m

PR Roll Call

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Consistency and effort are cranking! The PR boards are full again. Maite – Thruster, 95. Fran, RX 12:00 Karina – OHS, 105 Jill C – OHS, 107.5 Jessica M – OHS, 100 Elizabeth – Thruster, 95 Dawn N – Front Sqt 125 Tammy V – Thruster 95 Gabrielle – Thruster 95 Jess C – Thruster 120 Jenn V – Thruser … Read More