10 Ways To Be A Better Competitive CrossFitter

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The Crossfit Open starts February 22, so in the coming weeks we’ll examine a number of topics related to being a competitive fitness athlete. Three weeks ago, I was one of a select group of 8 coaches who attended the OPT CCP Level II Program Design Seminar. It was an amazing experience for me to learn directly from James Fitzgerald … Read More

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4 Hour POSE Running clinic and the start of the 6 week POSE/Endurance workshop is this Saturday. Spaces are still available so sign up online today! Madoc Yng-Wong is a Level 2 POSE running coach, a certified Crossfit Level One trainer, a certified Crossfit Endurance trainer, and has attended the Crossfit Mobility seminar. Warm Up 1) Row or Rope 5 … Read More


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I created an online ‘letter of intent’ for members to sign in order to enter the 2012 Crossfit Games Online Open. So far almost 50 people have signed up — I’d like everyone at the gym to participate! The ‘letter of intent’ is a great summary of why we think competing is important, what we think you’ll get out of … Read More

Benchmark Retest Week – Going Long Again

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Benchmark retest week is here! The weather this week is cooperating so get the benchmark done and resubmit your score. It is Priority #1 for this week. The benchmark WOD is scheduled for Monday and Saturday. However, if you won’t be in class on either of those days, then do the benchmark on another day when the weather permits. Warm … Read More