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Warm Up 1) For 5 minutes: Bear Crawl Inchworm Crab Walk – hips high Crocodile Pushups 2) Band rack stretch – 2 min/side Band Lat stretch – 2 min side Mobility 5 flows: Cobra to down dog to Elevated Scorpion L/R return to Cobra WOD A. Split Jerk: work up to a heavy single in 10 min with good technique. … Read More

Scott’s Mobility Article Now in Latest Performance Menu

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Scott often shares his unique expertise beyond the walls of Crossfit Portland, whether at seminars, on-line, or in videos. The guy also writes a lot of articles! Gym members receive the exclusive ones, on subjects such as tapering, or like the “Carbs, Curls, and Cardio” trilogy. Now his latest non-exclusive article, “Integrated Mobility, Part 3: Practical Application,” is available in … Read More

Reminder, Get In Your Goals!

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We asked for specific and individual member goals last week and the response has been amazing! We’re still hoping to get in as many members’ goals as possible, though, so if you haven’t narrowed down a Crossfit movement goal, now’s the time. Initial deadline is October 29. Please click here to submit your goal, and get ready to set some … Read More

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Thank you for submitting your goals online! Keep it coming, submission link is in the email I sent yesterday. Warm Up 1) jump rope 3 min 2) Bar complex, snatch WOD A. High Hang Power Snatch: 5 x 3, rest 2-3 min + “Jake?” The triple unders are really just for Jake 🙂 5 Triple Unders 10 Crossovers 20 Double … Read More