Just Go Is Not A Strategy: Versatility In Lifting Techniques

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Starting next week Monday, reservations for 6:00 AM class need to be made by 9 PM the previous day. You should be in bed anyway! Goals keep flowing in. Have you sent in yours? Click here 2010 was the inaugural year for the world wide CrossFit Open. Six workouts, one released every week, and anyone can compete for Fittest On … Read More

Ask Scott

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We’re starting a new feature called “Ask Scott.” As you may know, Scott, Crossfit Portland founder and co-owner, has an extensive breadth and depth of both research-based and practical knowledge of fitness, health and nutrition. Since the gym opened in 2005, Scott’s worked with hundreds of private clients, and has coached thousands of members. He’s a level 1 PICP coach, … Read More

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Warm Up 1) jog 800m – focus on heel pull 2) Squat sequence flow x 6 Mobility 50 Steps: heel, blade, instep + 2 rounds: Death Stretch – 2 min/side Bench pigeon x 10 + 10 sec hold WOD 40-30-20-10 rep rounds: Box Jumps 20″ KB Swings 53/36lb Burpees + rest 3 min, then Run 800m as a group @ … Read More

Coach AND Detective Brad

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We’re psyched to announce that Sean Mackey and Brad Robertson will be completing their Crossfit Level 1 cert in two weeks. Sean, one of the more popular coaches, has already stepped into an even more active role at the gym. Brad’s been a member for 2-and-a- half years and will now bring his enthusiasm, humor, and work ethic to the … Read More