Member Report: Go Ruck Challenge

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Crossfit Portland members Steph Bowen and “Fig” took part in the GO RUCK Challenge on August 20. The GORUCK Challenge takes small teams, each member with their own weighted rucksack, across an unknown route and distance in order to create collective conditions of mental and physical exhaustion. The event can last anywhere from 8-10 hours and span 15-20 miles. GORUCK … Read More

T-Minus One Minute: Mile Challenge Results

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Well, the final results from the Summer Mile Challenge are in! Madoc wants to thank everyone who took on the challenge, and he knows that several of you were sidelined due to injuries or travel. Of the people who were able to complete the challenge, both the initial run and the final run, Maite was both the fastest and most … Read More


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We are open on Labor Day, special Holiday class schedule. The workout will be the benchmark test or strength. If you can’t make the benchmark test next week except for Monday, come in and get it done. Otherwise, I advise you to do strength and hit it with the group on Tuesday or Saturday… Warm Up 1) Run Seq 2) … Read More

Just Picking It Up

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My current focus is all things weightlifting. After the Maui honeymoon/training-cation, I have been lifting 6 days a week under Coach Moser’s guidance. Technique, speed and the movements FEELING have improved dramatically! The weightlifting class (Monday and Wednesday, 5:30 PM) has developed some regulars who want to focus on strength and improving their lift technique. Thank you Gabrielle, Katie, Dean, … Read More