PR Roll Call

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It’s been a while since we have commended the many accomplishments on the PR board. I’m still compiling the list actually! There were many PRs during the benchmark retest. A more thorough review of the first benchmark is coming but here is a sneak peak. 50 athletes with complete Pre and Post scores. 45 athletes with at least 2 PRS … Read More

Crossfit On One Leg: Damian’s Story

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“Little did the captain know, that if he had kept up Crossfit during his peg-leg days, he may have been able to make it to shore post-mutiny.” During my first session with Scott, he said “injuries present opportunities.” It made sense, although the specifics weren’t truly clear. But after two months of Crossfitting on one leg at Crossfit Portland, the … Read More

Your Neighborhood Barber

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Saturday Biathlon workout – it’s going to be a blast, don’t miss it! 9 AM is FULL UP, still some spots at 10 AM. CONGRATULATIONS Gus and best wishes to your new venture as the proud owner of Oak Barbershop! Check out the Mercury write up of Gus’s barbershop. Warm Up 1) 4 min – your choice 2) 1 trip … Read More

Who’s Who: Jamison “Jamie” G.

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BORN TO RUN: OCTOBER RUNNING MINI-CLINIC It may surprise you to learn that running is a skill as much as an innate ability. That’s good news, because it means that you’re born to run and, with a little practice, you can get even better at it. During the Summer Mile Challenge, for example, practicing the Pose running technique helped Maite … Read More